Aquarium Setup

We visited with the Goldfish at Aquarium 101 our local fish shop…  Sooo much cuteness!!!  We decided on a Fantail and an Oranda but had to wait for the large chain store to get aquariums big enough. (We live on an Island (Newfoundland) which unfortunately doesn’t have a whole heap of choice and couldn’t get shipping to our part of Canada either…

Taking another drive out we managed to get this 36 gallon bow front aquarium, it’s not ideal but it should keep our babies happy for some time to come until they get bigger….


The aquarium came with a power filter, an Aqueon 30 it will filter up to a 45 gallon.


However having done some reading on Fancy Goldfish I knew I’d probably need more filtration.  So I opted for an additional canister filter the Fluval 206 which also filters up to a 45 gallon tank.   So having the two combined I should be good.



All set up… I still need to add the back board that I bought which was just a foam black board from the Dollarama that fits the aquarium perfectly.  I decided to go with a bare bottom tank to help with cleaning and also I just prefer it aesthetically. 


I made a bit of a mistake..  putting the Fluval intake near the rock bubbler.   I learned the hard way that that is how you fill your new canister filter with air so that it won’t work.  However I had lots of time to fix it as I had another day and night until I could get my new babies! xxx



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