Bringing Our Babies Home!!!

Yes I know I sound a ‘lot’ pathetic but honestly this is why we wanted just a couple of goldfish so that we could really get to know their little personalities.. haha… I am actually time travelling back (setting up the blog) and have actually had them just under a week (6 days) when writing this.

So we returned to Aquarium 101, we already had names in mind and even the two fish we wanted. One was going to be an Orange Oranda with only one eye, we were going to name her Nicky as opposed to Nikki (Nicky with one I) Get it?? She was a nice big goldfish and the other a nicely coloured Calico Fantail also fairly big. We had seen them the week before and hoped they would still be there.

However upon arrival and knowing we now only had the 36 gallon when we initially thought that maybe if we got Nicky with one I, we could get another Oranda goldfish as well. I knew if we got 3 the tank would be overstocked before we even started. So we decided to get the Calico Fantail we had our eye on and a small little Red Cap Oranda. Sorry Nicky, we felt bad but with only getting two fish we made the decision not to get the one eyed goldfish.

Here they are in their rehoming bags:-

♥.. Helen


and Nikki (with two eyes/I’s)♥♥


Having a float for 10 minutes before moving into their new home.


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