Cycling Our Aquarium!

Yes I’m sure many of you reading this were wondering when we were going to get to mentioning cycling our new aquarium, obviously this will be somewhat of an ongoing subject, we have our API master test kit, Prime, water changes and this little extra something…….

To hopefully kick start our cycle we obtained a bag full of yummy beneficial bacteria from Aquarium 101.  It won’t hurt our tank (other than make the crystal clear water a bit cloudy for a day or so) and will hopefully help, I’m sure the fish will love it.


I soaked the filter from the Aqueon power filter in a bucket with the beneficial bacteria turning it a couple of times.


With the filter powered off I poured the bacteria into the power filter and replaced the filter before turning it back on…  Woosh we had a cloudy tank but with lots of filtration we knew it wouldn’t take long to get back the clarity.

I plan on updating our water perimeters and what we have done thus far in tomorrow’s blog.

A short video on what I have done so far.




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