Nooo Ich! :(

I noticed one single spot on Helen’s Dorsal fin yesterday and today I’m sure there are more on her beautiful Caudal fin and I’m pretty sure I see one on Nikki’s Pectoral fin.


Ugh, our poor fish children!  I attribute this to them coming from a very warm environment (it must have been about 96 degrees. in the store room temp) into our tank that yes we acclimated them to but still it must have been quite the difference and it has probably stressed them.  Or there was already Ich present and the cold water has allowed it to reappear.  I don’t know and there’s no point going over and over everything it is a common problem but still…  😦


After doing some research I decided to go with the salt and heat method of treating them.  I didn’t really want to heat them up to the recommended 86 degrees because they are goldfish but I still want to speed up the Ich life cycle so that it doesn’t linger for weeks.   I’m thinking we will keep the tank at 78 degrees for the recommended 10 days.  

I added the recommended amount of aquarium salt making sure it all dissolved over several buckets ….   and now we wait.



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