Water Changes, Cloudiness and Parameters.

I had wanted to write this entry a couple of days ago but the Ich outbreak took precedence.

Initially when I set up the tank the water was crystal clear, but I used the Beneficial Bacteria from the LFS where we got our fish. Instantly clouding the water, it remained a little cloudy despite all of the Filtration,possibly also contributed by new tank bacterial bloom.

I did the first 20% water change which I read could possibly make the cloudy situation worse on day 3 in the morning and noticed a slight improvement on day 4 but nothing significant. After another 15% water change on day 5 in the morning by the evening the water clarity showed great improvement. Day 6 the water was literally crystal clear quite unbelievable how clear it became. However this was when we could clearly see that we had an Ich spot or two on Helen :(.

It is starting to feel a little like one step forward and two steps back…. :/






Water parameters despite getting the bag of beneficial bacteria from the LFS are not great.  Definitely having to keep on top of the water changes and Prime water conditioner as thus far we haven’t shown any Nitrates whatsoever 0ppm.  So from this I can conclude we are doing a full on cycle with fish .

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