Ich day 6…

I usually wait until the evening to write my blog (after work) but this morning I turned on the tank light (I only do this to check on them I leave it off during the day) Helen is just covered and now Nikki has noticeable ich on her tail and they just both look lousy!  


I can’t see them suffer anymore, waiting on this salt treatment to show any signs of working.. So I picked up some API Super Ick cure powder.  I took the carbon out of the Fluval Canister and the filter cartridge out of the power filter.   I changed out 10% of the water and did not re-add salt for the amount taken out, and proceeded in adding the medication.

I really am at my wits end with this reading online all I see is people having success with the salt treatment after a short time and Nikki and Helen have just become so much worse I’m actually heartbroken over it all.

I am obviously counting on this API ick cure working now other wise it does not look at all good for my girls (they could be boys but…. )  Still eating and swimming about just fine as usual… Please work  😦

Below is just a picture of Helen because she is such a photo hog…. ♥



“Our tank has a blue tinge Nikki..”


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