Ich day 7

So yesterday I decided to give up with the aquarium salt treatment and go with Ich meds.  Api Powder Super Ick Cure.

This morning Helen looked really good, all of her white spots are practically all gone, in comparison to yesterday I would say 95% of her white spots have vanished.  Now I know we are talking about a life cycle of a parasite and the white spots are not the parasite itself but still this is a huge and amazing improvement when you look at the picture of her from Ich day 6… 



I will re-treat the tank as per instructions tomorrow.  I really wish I’d gone this route to begin with but I hadn’t wanted to use harsh chemicals but now they have had to go through two different treatments which isn’t great either!

Anyway things really seem to be working, I am so relieved having been thinking I had some really scary immortal ich infestation.  Fingers crossed the worst is behind us.

♥ 😀 ♥


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