Ich day 8


Another really good day for my goldfish in their battle against this awful parasite.  Helen is looking amazing.  At lunch time today it was 48 hours since their first dose of API Super Ick Cure.  So according to instructions I re-dosed the aquarium.  The directions don’t recommend a water change until the next 48 hour period is over so I added extra Prime today to help with any ammonia build up.

Helen has started coming up to the top of the tank now to get her Goldfish Crisps that I have been feeding although I usually hold them under the water for a bit so that they sink she has still figured out that going to the top is where they begin.  I’ve done some reading that they shouldn’t really go up to the top of the tank as they can gulp in air and lose their ability to swim properly – swim bladder disease.

I read it is better to feed them a sinking pellet to avoid this problem so I picked some up today.  They enjoyed sucking on the pellets and then spitting them out.. making the pieces smaller.  I did notice they had huge poop after so perhaps I gave them a few too many and will cut back tomorrow :/


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