Marimo Moss Balls, Peas and so much more!

Today is day 10 since the ich treatment began.  96 hours since we started with the API Super Ick Cure, so it was time for the 25% water change, I have opted not to replace the carbon for another two days just in case.  

Before the water change I thought I would feed the two little boogers peas, I blanched them one pea each and then peeled the skin off before dropping them in the tank.  They went crazy for them Helen shook her head like a little dog to get bits off hers and Nikki took big bites out of hers!  They are just the cutest little fish EVER!


Nikki has really started to get a personality too now.  Before it was always Helen with the huge personality and Nikki seemed more like ‘just a fish’ but now they both rush the front of the tank when they see us..  They really do remind me of excited little puppies when they see us looking in..  I just ♥ them so much!!

I have opted to keep the heater in for now, I don’t know if I can bear to have the water so cold again 68 degrees.. it has been around 76/77 since the Ich ordeal and at least now when I need to reach my hand in it isn’t painfully cold.  We will see I will have to read up some more on what to do for the best.

I got some Marimo Moss Balls some time ago.  They were in quarantine in a little glass vase in my sons room and ended up being in there for longer than intended with the Ich issues.  I ended up getting my son a betta a few days ago (I’m sorry but I couldn’t imagine writing a blog about a betta so not really much to say on that subject) and so he kept one of the 4 Moss balls and the other three I finally got to put in the tank with the girls tonight.  I noticed a slight odour on them I’m not sure if it’s from using Prime in the quarantine vase but they didn’t smell bad at all when they came in fact I remember them smelling really nice and fresh.  Something I will keep an eye on for sure.


I am finding the pellets kind of messy and they seem a little big for the girls to eat they are the ‘medium’ ones.  I am not sure I really like them, I hope they are good for them and better than the crisps I’m kind of regretting switching them a little as they ate the crisps all up and there was no mess left like there is with the pellets.  I’ll give it another week and see how it goes….



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