To heat or not to heat….

First of all a quick update on the tank since putting the carbon back in yesterday, it is a little better this morning definitely clearer than yesterday but still a way to go.


I had initially decided not to heat the aquarium with our two fancy goldfish, during the winter we have our heat set around 19 to 20 degrees C,  which converts to around 67 degrees F.   In the summer that temperature will go up quite considerably probably around 26C/78F.  So having done some research non of that seemed so bad, they don’t like their temperatures to fluctuate often but do like ‘Seasons’.

However having used the heater for the Ich outbreak it sure was nice to put my hand in the tank and the water not feel freezing.  Yes even at 67 – 68 degrees it felt really really cold!!   Now the heater was one that kept the temperature around 78 degrees it did not have a way of turning it up or down it was just set to keep the tank at one temperature.  I really wanted to keep it in to make my life a lot more pleasant when having to put my hand in the tank but after reading many different articles online and some discussions we have decided to take it out, keeping Nikki and Helen at the temperature all year round will speed up their lifespan and in the long run it would not be good for them, it is preferable for them to have their seasons.   As it won’t be year round I believe that I am doing the best by taking the heater out at this time.  



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