Things seem discombobled…..

I’m aware of this, and I really can’t wait for all this beginning stage and everything it has brought to be behind us.

I am just so excited for the day I get to write my blog and say … looking back I would have done this or more likely …..absolutely wouldn’t have done that hahaha.

The day the aquarium will be back to its beautiful crystal clear self *(the second before we put the ich medication in)

When I can finally say the tank has cycled and I’m not dropping in extra Prime every day just to keep our fish from suffering.. (should have bought shares in Prime haha) Obviously after adding the medication and going through all of that we started again with our cycle.. so yes it seems like cycling is taking FOREVER but in reality it has only been about 2.5 weeks since we put the carbon back in after the bout with ich.

Also so looking forward to adding a snail 🐌 ♥ 😊

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