Update, kinda not really but trying!

Yes it’s been awhile!  I have been testing for nitrites every other day as well as keeping up with the water changes, I am still battling crazy amounts of ammonia and adding Prime water conditioner every day.  

Finally last night I read a bunch of posts on various fish forums entitled…. “My tank will not cycle no matter what!”   A few suggestions were to just try and ditch as much water as possible as the amount of ammonia may be hindering the cycle and no matter how many  smaller water changes are done it just won’t make a difference.

I did some experimenting with the Prime and the test tubes to see how much I actually needed to make a difference and it ended up being quite a bit, now there is ammonia of sorts in our tap water so I am always battling readings even after water changes.  To keep this short I dosed the tank when it was half full of water with Prime and brought that amount right down and then dosed the buckets we put in and then re-dosed the whole tank…   Sounds like a lot…. it was but this was the route I wanted to take after reading through some suggestions!  

Both Nikki and Helen are seemingly doing just fine, but I know it’s not an ideal situation for them to be in.  I have honestly been doing water changes every other day of about 20% and adding Prime EVERY night when I get in from work..  but I think with the ammonia in the water supply on top of the ammonia they are producing without the tank being cycled the amount of Prime I’ve been adding hasn’t even touched the surface of the problem.

Now according to my research keeping up with this extra Prime should enable the cycle to well….. start??  lul

Here’s a picture from today emptying the tank!




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