Almost Killed and Blinded my Goldfish!

Yes, because I think I’m doing something good in actual fact I’m not a chemistry expert and have no business doing what I did and obviously it didn’t end well.  Before I go on, I did rectify the situation and Nikki and Helen are both seemingly okay and back to their usual selves, clear eyes etc.

So in a nut shell since my last post of my attempt to jump start the cycle, I managed to overdose the tank somewhat considerably with Prime!  Initially both fish were kind of sitting on the bottom of the tank in a bit of a daze.. no they were NOT gasping for air or anything like that and my tank was still reading  about 0.5ppm of Ammonia which is why I was thinking everything was okay, because the only negative thing I could find on over dosing Prime was oxygen depletion after all ammonia is gone and they were not showing signs of this and there was still ammonia present, so I attributed it to the large water change.  After about a half hour they did start swimming around again but I noticed a bit of a cloud over Nikki’s eyes and then a little later (about 15 minutes) I noticed the same on Helen, it got much worse and very quickly to the point where one of Helen’s eyes was completely white!!  I had been so stupid adding all the Prime and I immediately started emptying the tank again meanwhile googling ‘cloudy eyes’.  One of the main reasons given for cloudy eyes other than an infection of some kind was a big drop in PH and it said that after stabilizing the PH the fish’s eyes would return to normal, I attributed my over dose of Prime to perhaps causing a drop in the PH and thus my fish had the cloudy eye symptom, it certainly couldn’t be anything else since they had no fungal infection or anything and it had come on so quickly and suddenly since the Prime overdose.  Needless to say it was after midnight and I was doing a huge water change adding just a regular aquarium conditioner to detoxify the water.

I went to bed because there was nothing more that could be done.  When I woke up this morning I was honestly expecting the worst, if you could have seen how bad they were I thought for sure it would be too late for them.  No I did not get pictures of their eyes I was far too upset to want to document what I had done!

I couldn’t even look at the tank and my partner told me to look at them and that they were just fine, their eyes were clear, they were rushing up to the front of the tank like puppies waiting for their breakfast like they did before I started this whole mess and even the tank itself was much clearer!   Ugh.. what a hell I had created and yet they were back to their wonderful little selves!!

Initially when I set up the aquarium I tested the water for PH and it read at approx 7.4, now in all honesty I haven’t tested the PH since I didn’t see the need and assumed it stayed the same, until now I tested both tap and tank and so obviously because I haven’t tested since set-up I cannot say whether this is attributed to the Prime or it was like that prior.  I still have a tap water PH of approx 7.4 but the aquarium PH is off the chart low!!!


left aquarium, right tap

In order to rectify the PH, I read this article.  I only added 1.5 teaspoons of baking soda as some of the comments suggested the teaspoon per 5 gallons was far too much, I have a 36 gallon.  I also didn’t want to shock the fish by raising it too much.

Left tap, middle aquarium before, right aquarium after Baking Soda.

Low PH can hinder the cycle too but I have been doing regular water changes every other day, they eat all their food as soon as it hits the tank.  Perhaps just a coincidence that low PH can cause the cloudy eyes, maybe it was another overdosed ingredient in the Prime that caused it and the fresh water helped clear it up.  It’s too hard to say, I did do a test tube with tank water and a heavy dose of Prime and it did actually make the PH Rise considerably not lower……  it’s all very confusing and I have no answers at all.  Other than I’m going to try and fix it.

I have written to Seachem with what I did, what happened and asked them to respond in some way because I googled more and found out that Seachem Prime should NOT alter the PH because it is non acidic, however under the circumstances of the overdose perhaps it would effect it.   I’m hoping they can tell me why it clouded their eyes so severely and yet on the other hand I was able to rectify it and their eyes returned to normal…  I am in no way saying this is a bad product when used as the label clearly says but I am writing this to have it written in case by some accident someone else ends up in a similar situation.  I will update if and when I get a response from Seachem.

Here’s a picture of the fishies earlier today looking much better!



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