Ok, so more of an alteration lul!

The original ‘Bubbler’ that I had, which was this cool waterfall type ornament it looked beautiful with a perspex front so you could see the bubbles going up inside it, collected tons of debris underneath it in the hole of despair!… I could tip it upside down every day and it would always have a bunch of dirt and bits under it… I have no clue how or why because my fish eat pellets and they eat them before they even make it to the bottom 1/3 of the tank.. so no waste from food…  


Anyway needless to say I decided to switch it out, especially since I’m having trouble cycling and really don’t need the added waste coming out from under it when I’m trying to really keep on top of it.

Having oxygen bubbles for my goldfish is important to me so I just got the basic oxygen curtain strips, initially I put it along the back of the tank but it caused waaay tooo much havoc with my filtration systems taking in the air bubbles and making all kinds of noise.  So rather than take it out altogether I just kept one strip on the side 😀 

Helen especially loves swimming through them, of course every time I went to take a video of her she’d stop..  

These pictures have filters over them, my tank is NOT this colour.. haha






3 thoughts on “Re-organization!!

  1. I love the simplicity of your tank! The bare bottom is great, but the fact that you added some white rocks in there really makes it pop! Are you going to rename Helen, now that you figured out she is a he? Lol. I think it was Helen you said was a boy, if I am mistaken- sorry! 🙂

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      1. I think it would be cute and funny if you still called him Helen hahaha. He’s very in touch with his feminine side


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