Eggs, eggs and more eggs!!

I have had fish before, they were tropical fish and never experienced this.  When I looked in the tank this morning to see Nikki and Helen I thought something was wrong because of the way they were acting, faces down on the bottom of the tank together flitting.   I immediately put the light on to find…  Yes thousands of eggs!

I’m sure they will gobble them all up (they had better gobble them all up)!! Anyway here is a picture and a quick video of the ongoings… Yummmy eggs!!





3 thoughts on “Eggs, eggs and more eggs!!

  1. Omg! That’s awesome! They will probably start to eat up the eggs, but since Helen is a boy you might have a lot of them that are fertilized! I’m not sure if you want them or are interested but you can raise your own fry. I’m so excited haha. I’ve been wanting my fish to do this but have not had any luck. I’m jealous!

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    1. Owww, I just read your post.. I’ll send some of the fertility vibes over to your fishies… I don’t want to keep any of Nikki and Helen’s children, not at this time anyway.. I only have the smaller tank (36 gallon) and didn’t really invision this happening.. I’m a little naive haha.. Also there are tons of Oranda’s for sale here and not enough hobbyists to want them.. 😔 Good Luck with your future babies 🐠 😍

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