Nitrites, finally!

I don’t even want to guess how long this has taken, let’s see my first blog post was December 4th and I’d had the aquarium about a week at that point, and yesterday 8th Feb, finally seeing nitrites.  Now due to the whole eggs situation I didn’t want to mention it yesterday, I did a water change as usual and today the nitrites are back up to where they were.  I did another water change.  I have been doing 40% a day since the Prime fiasco.

So here we have our nitrites at 0.25, I am obviously going to keep on top of the water change situation more than ever now so that my goldfish don’t suffer…


So all this joy and advancement and yet so much sadness, myself and my longtime girlfriend are splitting up.  It is for the best but with much devastation and heart ache..   I will be taking the fish, I need to get a stand to put the tank on but yes it seems everytime there is something really positive there is so much negative so hopefully this is going to give peace to both of us.. it’s just really really hard to let go of someone you still truly love.  So sad…  

Tasha x

One thought on “Nitrites, finally!

  1. Oh man, I am so sorry to hear about you and your girlfriend 😦
    That is so sad to go through, but you will be a stronger person for it. Wish you all the best! I have had my fair share of heartbreaks. On the other note, it is great you are starting to see your tank get to where it needs to be, yay! Maybe you can put all your time into them to keep you busy and relaxed. Stay strong and keep us updated on the fishes 🙂


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